About insp.re

What — Insp.re is a web space where you can collect books & music (films are coming) and follow people and organisations to discover new stuff.

How — You add items to your profile and follow people with great taste. If that person adds a book or music album to their profile it will appear in your feed. The more people you follow, the more active your feed will be and the greater the chance to discover that next great album or book.

Open — The music, books or films you share are public. It makes it easier to browse and discover new work and new people. However, you have the possibility to set added items as private, if you wish. We might offer the option to connect as a private user in the future.

Discover — Insp.re is all about discovery, so you’re encouraged to follow as much unknown people as you can. Just out of interest, curiosity or just sheer enthousiasm.

Sustain — Insp.re is a product made by a small team with a lot of love. We don’t have or want venture capital funds.

Your data — We hate it when our data is sold to advertisers. So we definitely won’t sell yours! Word!

Gem — We love small and independent publishers and want to promote their releases. Our focus is on creating a nice community, not scale. And although our aim is to promote those small and independent publishers, feel free to add whatever you want (but keep it decent)!

Social platform — Insp.re is a fresh, friendly & independent social platform🤘

Beta — We are still in beta phase but open for people who want to help & test our application. So feel free to request an account! Bugs or requests can be sent to dots@insp.re and are very much appreciated!